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We offer advanced technology, emerging therapies and treatment options to benefit patients at each step of their journey.

Like each patient, treatment is personal and individual and can vary depending on many factors. Some patients, whose cancer is discovered in the early stages, may only need minor treatment, while others may benefit from advanced therapies.

TREATMENT | Medical Oncology

CKCC medical oncology and hematology services treat cancer and blood disorders using traditional chemotherapy, targeted therapies and immunotherapy.

Chemotherapy is considered a systemic treatment and works to stop the growth of cancer cells. Immunotherapy helps the immune system identify cancer cells to attack and kill them. Both chemotherapy and immunotherapy may be used alone or together. They may also be used with other treatments such as surgery or radiation therapy. Each treatment is tailored to the specific needs of the patient to provide the best possible outcomes. Infusion suites are semi-private, with comfortable chairs and televisions for patients and their families.

TREATMENT | Radiation Oncology*

The radiation oncology program at CKCC, under the supervision of the radiation oncologist, uses technologies to determine plans for cancer treatment including:

  • Computed Tomography (CT): used to create detailed cross-sectional images of a patient
  • Linear Accelerator (LINAC): used for external beam radiation treatments targeted to destroy cancer cells
  • Full spectrum radiotherapy including:
    • IGRT (image-guided radiation therapy)
    • IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy)
    • SBRT (stereotactic body radiation therapy)
    • SRS (stereotactic radiosurgery for cranial lesions)

These therapies offer several benefits to physicians and patients alike including the ability for physicians to see tumors in real time and more precise positioning of the patient’s body for accurate treatment planning. For patients, targeting radiation treatments with pinpoint precision decreases the need for additional incisions or surgery, minimizes the exposure of radiation to nearby healthy tissue and organs, and offers faster recovery after treatment.

Our radiation team works closely with the UK Markey Cancer Center physics and dosimetry teams to create a precise treatment plan.

*Currently offered in Georgetown only

TREATMENT | Chemotherapy

The Infusion Center, in the heart of the Georgetown Cancer Center, offers numerous types of chemotherapy overseen by an oncologist/hematologist, who tailors and coordinates the unique treatment of each patient so the individual care they receive is the best possible outcome. The Infusion Center houses a chemotherapy suite with six private rooms that have a television and comfortable chairs for both patients and visitors.

The types of infusion available include various chemotherapy treatments, IV fluids, blood transfusions and supportive medicines.

TREATMENT | Clinical Trials

Central Kentucky Cancer Care patients have access to clinical trials through the reputable UK Markey Cancer Center, Kentucky’s only National Cancer Institute designated cancer center. Together, we work with patients and their families to determine if a clinical trial is a good option.

TREATMENT | Skin, Wound and Ostomy Care

Depending upon the type of cancer and the length of treatment, sometimes patients have issues that require additional care. We employ a full-time wound and ostomy nurse who works closely with you and your care team. As an expert in wound and ostomy care, your nurse provides education and support both before and after certain procedures or treatments. The goal is prevention first, by recommending appropriate measures to avert and manage skin breakdown related to immobility, fragile skin, incontinence and/or radiation therapy.

The nurse may also provide recommendations to patients or family members for a variety of needs, when you return home, such as, caring for new or existing ostomies, assisting with correcting or containing fecal or urinary incontinence, or introducing cost-effective management measures through various services.

TREATMENT | Rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Team offers physical, occupational and speech therapies for all ages. Our highly trained clinicians perform evaluations that include medical history and physical examination, to determine each patient’s needs. We then work with the patients to develop an individualized rehabilitation plan to promote functional gains and achieve their maximum potential.

Our rehabilitation program highlights education of cancer treatment side effects, exercise guidelines, lymphedema prevention and overall expectations for therapy and outcome.

Rehabilitation plans include targeted therapeutic exercises to address strength or range of motion deficits the patient may have, progressive cardiovascular activities to address endurance issues and functional activities to promote returning to work or regular daily activities without difficulty.

A Home Exercise Program (HEP) may also be developed to promote increased activity outside of therapy sessions and help the patient self-manage their progress. We strive to make every effort in assisting our patients to return to their lifestyles and improve their quality of life.

TREATMENT | Palliative Care*

Palliative care is specialized, holistic medical care for people living with serious illness, focused on providing relief from symptoms and stresses with the goal of improving quality of life for the patient and their families. This supportive care model can help manage complaints such as nausea, pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, weakness, fatigue, gastro- intestinal discomforts, and much more. CKCC partners with Bluegrass Care Navigators to offer palliative care services to patients.

*Currently offered at Georgetown only

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