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For hometown cancer treatment, call (502) 868-5600.

High level cancer treatment. Hometown benefits.

Being close to home matters because


At Central Kentucky Cancer Care, we believe in treating our patients with the utmost care and respect, on a personal level and not as a number.

With a high staff-to-patient ratio, our patients are afforded the proper attention they deserve, while the staff gets to know each one as an individual. We understand that battling cancer can have enough challenges.  That is why we designed one-of-a-kind care plans that cater to your distinct needs, and developed a support program through our nurse navigators and patient care coordinators. Together they reassure and guide you and your family through all the uncertainties of cancer treatment.

Cancer Screenings

The earlier abnormal tissue or cells are detected, the better your chances are for successful treatment, and increased chances of survival. Bottom line, screenings save lives.

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Cancer Treatments

Treatments vary from patient to patient depending on many factors. Some patients whose cancer is discovered in the early stages may only need minor treatment.

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Cancer Resources

From basic information about cancer to in-depth information on specific cancer types – including risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment options – we are here to help you.

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We’re working to eliminate barriers to care in the communities we serve.

At Central Kentucky Cancer Care (CKCC), we recognize that your quality of life throughout the course of your cancer treatment requires multiple levels of support and energy.  As part of the personal care and consideration our patients deserve, we offer a broad range of resources, support mechanisms and ancillary services to help manage the many components of treatment, so patients can focus their attention on getting well. Having these services offered in our local communities is an important factor to our patient care. It allows patients to stay close to home, near family and their support network.  It saves commute time, lowers their stress and conserves a patient’s energy that is better spent resting and recovering.

University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network

UK Markey Cancer Center logoAs part of our continuing focus on making communities healthier, we are a proud partner of the UK Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network, which provides our patients with enhanced access to high-quality cancer care. The Markey Affiliate Network assists doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical staff at local hospitals that provide excellent care in their communities. When patients need care that is not available locally, they can be referred to the Markey Cancer Center in Lexington. When that happens, Markey doctors work with CKCC doctors and oncologists to minimize travel for patients and their families.

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