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At Central Kentucky Cancer Care, we feel it is vital to offer care that goes beyond body healing and provide services that affect the whole person. From nutrition to financial counseling, support groups to survivorship programs, our team is well-versed in ways to help patients and their families manage life before, during and beyond a cancer diagnosis.

SUPPORT | Patient Navigation

Planning for cancer treatment can be an overwhelming and complex process. Through the help of our Patient Navigation program, patients and their families are able to manage the complexities of their treatment as well as connect with available resources to help overcome any barriers during their cancer treatment.

At CKCC, we believe patients can focus their energy on their recovery, if we focus our energy on them. We offer navigation services for Lung, Breast, Prostate and Colon/GI diagnoses, among other types of cancer.

Patient navigators assist with coordinating appointments, tests, surgeries and therapies. They may also work with primary care providers to ensure patients receive timely test results and treatments.

SUPPORT | Nutritional Service

While it is vital to have good nutrition throughout cancer treatment, we know and understand the challenges of maintaining a specific diet.

Our registered dietitian is part of our multidisciplinary approach to ensure the best outcome in your treatment plan. A complete evaluation of nutritional status and an appropriate plan for intervention are developed based on each patient’s individual need.

The goal is to maintain weight, promote muscle mass maintenance and to prevent or minimize side effects from treatment. Education is provided to patients and caregivers to provide optimal nutrition support.

SUPPORT | Financial Counseling

There is enough anxiety and stress when you or a loved one are undergoing cancer treatment. At CKCC, we don’t want your finances to be one of those added worries.

A financial counselor offers patients and their families assistance in alleviating the stress and strain that can occur when trying to organize and understand the costs of treatment. Our financial counselor is available Monday through Friday for help with:

  • Obtaining referrals and pre-authorizations
  • Obtaining verification of insurance benefits
  • Answering questions about account balances
  • Helping find sources for payment assistance
  • Managing resources and working through financial difficulties

SUPPORT | Psychosocial Service

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event. Many patients face social and psychological distress during cancer diagnosis, treatment or even during recovery.

Our clinical social workers are available to patients and their families, providing assistance at any time during treatment. Initially patients are screened using a distress tool at their first chemotherapy or radiation visit and monitored closely by the ongoing multi-disciplinary team.

We are also able to direct patients to local services such as patient or grief support groups.

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